Mrs. Eels Hankerchief
Mrs. Eels Personal Hankerchief
Though she hung out at Taverns she never gave up her purse and her dress was always in tact.
A fighter and I would have loved to have seen that brawl. It would have been clean and quick, yet tasteful... such as this fine piece of artwork.
The Grandmother
This particular linen is dated 1935.
The Grandmother
Mr. Sunday Eels
Gloria carried this piece all the way to the end and it was placed next to a letter I shall never tell what it said though.
I imagine Joan did use this small dainty tea towel for when she came to see my father for her crying spells.
Dinner Guest
You should always dine with fine linen. If you wait until there is a dinner party, you will never have dined at all.
A Special Occasion
The linen should be freshly washed with a gentle soap and vinegar. Always serve your guest with a linen napkin. Treat them with respect.
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The Linen

Linen is one of the most precious things you can share with someone you love.  the care with washing with five sensitive items to make the linen fresh for you.

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